A little introduction

I am a stay-at-home mom to 3 wonderful boys- Racer, 7; Monkey Boy, 3; and Smiles, who will be a year later this month.  I have a amazing husband, Jay.  We will be married for 10 years this August.  I like to dance, read, scrapbook, play games, and shop at thrift stores.

I have recently discovered oils.  The main reason I got into them is because of my husband’s health.  He was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease shortly after we were married.  He has had numerous hospital stays due to complication of this horrible disease.  Several years ago his bowel had perforated.  Right now he is struggling with low hemoglobin levels, in which he gets blood transfusions about every 2-3 weeks.  He also had horrible, debilitating pain that causes him to lay on the floor or coach and not be able to do anything.  He had a port put in earlier this past New Year’s eve.  Several people recommended oils to us.  He used the peppermint and realized that just smelling it can help reduce the pain and applying it topically can also reduce the pain he is experiencing.

Racer is very compassionate. He loves his brothers. He likes LEGOs, transformers, Pokemon, and Digamon. He recently found the love of reading and inspires to read through the entire Bible, currently he is in Exodus. I use Heart of Dakota Beyond as my primary curriculum with Racer. For Math we just started using Singapore 2a. We are involved in a co-op at a local church. He also attends a music class and MOPS.

Monkey Boy is full of energy! There is never a dull moment with him. He is a very curious boy and loves to get into mischief. He likes Daniel Tiger, Thomas the Train, and Curious George. He likes to play with DUPLO’s, cars, planes, and all things boys.

Smiles is my baby boy. He had 2 surgeries this summer due to his kidneys not functioning properly. (one was functioning at 80% and the other at 20%- the latter also had a double ureter). He adores his older brothers. The one show that gets his attention is Daniel Tiger. He likes to try to play with his parent’s things (Kindles, phones, remotes, etc.). He is starting to practice standing on his own. He loves pancakes!